Concerns about salary, welfare, talent acquisition, corporate image, and health and safety. Brinno holds a corporate union representative meeting with theEmployees' Welfare Committee, and Management and Labor Council every year.

Employee Feedback

If you have any comments and related complaints, please send your feedback to alley_li@brinno.com. The relevant departments will contact you ASAP. All employee feedback is taken seriously.


Supplier Opinion

Please contact us through the official online form: www.brinno.com/contact.

Cross-industry cooperation

If you have a proposal for cross-industry cooperation, please email marketing@brinno.com or contact us through the official online form www.brinno.com/contact.


Consumer Feedback

All feedback should be sent by email to customerservice@brinno.com, or through the contact us form www.brinno.com/contact.

Report Illegal Activity

Consumer Opinion

If internal or external personnel of Brinno have identified illegal or inethical conduct, , please follow the procedures found under Company Regulations (Investor Relations>Corporate Governance>Company Regulations) called "Whistleblowing Channels and Procedures" and send all required materials by email to admin@brinno.com.