Brinno time lapse camera

Explore the Possibilities of Construction Time Lapse

Designed to bring your projects more than you can imagine

Time lapse 101

What is time lapse? Often mistaken for sped up video footage, a time lapse consists of multiple photos taken at a set interval and merged together into a video. Time lapse allows you to compress changes that occur over a long period of time into a video that is short and enjoyable to watch.

Time lapse is an attractive way
to show off your skills and talents.

Brinno customers use their cameras in a variety of ways including:

Brinno time lapse camera

PR/Community Engagement

- Share to your website or social media

- Promote your projects to increase awareness and get new clients

Brinno time lapse camera

Stakeholder Engagement

- Provide investors with assurance

- Visual updates make stay up to date with construction progress easier for average people to understand

Brinno time lapse camera

Business Development

- Professional portfolio.

Brinno time lapse camera

Document & Share Memories

- Document progress with time and date stamps

- Proof of incidence

Brinno time lapse camera

Trust Building With Customers

- Increase customer confidence

- Proof of project completion

Brinno time lapse camera

Jobsite Monitoring

- Extra set of eyes

What is Brinno time lapse?

Brinno provides you with a truly worry free time lapse solution. Time lapse allows you to watch months of construction progress in a matter of minutes. Take a sequence of photos at interval and schedule of your choice. Your camera will automatically stitch together your images and create a ready-to-view time lapse video.

Brinno time lapse camera
Brinno time lapse camera


Powerful features at your fingertips

Brinno time lapse camera

Worry Free Time Lapse

Brinno time lapse camera

Industrial-grade Clamps

Brinno time lapse camera


Brinno time lapse camera

Filming Schedule

Brinno time lapse camera

Power Saving

Brinno time lapse camera

1.5 Year Warranty

Us v.s. Them

Brinno GoPro DSLR
Full Built-in Customization V X X
Instant Timelapse V V X
Long Lasting Battery Life V X X
Easy Set Up V X X
Truly Worry Free V X X
Brinno time lapse camera

Foolproof Time Lapse

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Produce ready to share videos at the push of a button.




How to Choose a Timelapse Interval

With our power saving technology and Power Housing, your camera can last throughout your entire project. No need to worry about finding a socket or frequent battery changes, we have you covered.

1.Small Project (< 1 week) – 30 second

2.Short Construction (1 week ~ 1 month) – 1 minute

3.Long Construction (1 month+) – 5 minute

Brinno time lapse camera

Read more about how time lapse
can enhance your project

Brinno time lapse camera

Optimize your video content

We encourage customers get creative and look at time lapse as a way to spark creativity. There is no right or wrong way to make a time lapse, do whatever suits your needs and time constraints.

Brinno time lapse camera

Why use Brinno time lapse for your construction projects?

Our state of the art cameras have evolved a lot since our start but we have continued to deliver the same quality and battery power as our customers have come to expect with the Brinno name.

Brinno time lapse camera

Enhance your construction projects with this unique storytelling tool

Time lapse footage can be used by your company in a wide variety of applications. Our customers range from large construction companies and public works to families documenting the build of their dream home.

Find the perfect camera based on your project length

Up to 328 Days

Up to

328 Days


  • HD 1080P & HDR
  • IPX5 Water Resistant Housing
  • 328 Day Battery*
  • Industrial-grade Clamp Mount
  • 118° View Angle
Brinno time lapse camera

1-6 Month Projects


  • HD 720P
  • IPX4 Water Resistant Housing
  • 42 Day Battery*
  • Aluminum Alloy Clamp
  • 112° View Angle
Brinno time lapse camera

Up to

42-50 Days

Brinno time lapse camera


  • HD 720P
  • IPX4 Water Resistant Housing
  • 50 Day Battery*
  • Wall Mount & Strap
  • 112° View Angle

<1 Month Projects

Up to

7 Days


  • HD 720P & HDR
  • IPX4 Water Resistant
  • 7 Day Battery*
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 112° View Angle
  • Wi-Fi + BLE
Brinno time lapse camera

* Estimated battery life is tested at 5 min capture interval.

Comparison Chart

Brinno time lapse camera

Rotate your phone to see full comparison chart

Brinno time lapse camera Brinno time lapse camera Brinno time lapse camera Brinno time lapse camera
Model BCC2000 BCC200 BCC100 TLC120
Recommended Project length 6+ Month 1-6 Month 1-6 Month 1 week
Viewfinder 2” LCD 1.44” LCD 1.44” LCD Mobile App
Resolution 1080P 720P 720P 720P
Night Shooting X
Capture Mode Time Lapse / Still Photo / Step Video Time Lapse Time Lapse Time Lapse
Aperture F/2.0 F/2.0 F/1.2 F/2.0
Field of View 118° 112° 140° (480P)
112° (720P)
Interchangeable CS Mount Lens X X
White Balance Setting X
Schedule Setting Daily & Weekly Daily Daily Daily
Battery Life at 5min Interval 328 Days* 42 Days* 50 days* 7 days*
Weather Resistant IPX5 with Housing(ATH2000) Optional IPX4 Housing (ATH120) IPX4 with Housing (ATH110) IPX4
Maximum Storage Capacity 128GB 32GB 32GB 32GB
Batteries Required 2 to 18 AA batteries 4 AA batteries 4 AA batteries Li-Po Rechargeable Battery
Size (WxHxD) 60x70.6x42.4mm 64x52x107 mm 64x46x106 mm 60x60x33.5 mm
Weight 750g(included magic arm) 140g 120g 101g

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