About Brinno

Brinno started its design business in 2003 and since then has built its reputation as a professional design power house with a solid clientele of world class tech firms.

In 2009, Brinno envisioned growth in the imaging technologies market, particularly the potentials of time lapse video for instant sharing. Leveraging its design experience plus image processing and power saving technologies, Brinno has produced a logoed family of portable time lapse cameras that can be widely used for both business and leisure activities.

Brinno is the first company focused on the advancement of time lapse photography. Hardware and software solutions are designed in-house to transform the traditionally complicated and expensive time lapse market. A simpler and cheaper time lapse experience is our promise. We continue to push boundaries by ensuring that quality time lapse is accessible to a wide audience including mass market consumers.

Our popular branded products are carried by distribution channels worldwide.


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